Rise and Shine

I overslept today...

No I didn't, but I wanted so bad. Sometimes you're just not in the mood of waking up right? (I can almost hear you "sometimes, yeah right...!") 

The Bible brings up the "morning issue" more than a few times, and in all of them morning means reset, restart, it always means something new.. but what does that means to us? 

"I hate to wake up early to go to school" - almost every student out there.
"Morning? Nah, I'm sleeping!" - We all know that one, come on now.
"I usually spent my mornings in traffic" - We feel you commuters.
"Ahh, there's nothing like fresh morning air to workout" - oh, I wish that was me :)

Morning is when God renews His mercies over us, it's when He expects us to surrender him our praise, as if He came up to us and said "so, shall we?". - but we gotta wake up first.

We don't wake up in the afternoon (at least we shouldn't). It's just not natural, so as it's not natural for the sun to rise late, or the birds to start singing by night. Somethings are just natural, and that's God's way to show us how He makes it all happens by His will. The Mana came by the morning, Jesus rose up by the morning, Abraham took Isaac by the morning...

God uses what's natural to reveal His supernatural for us.

He has the perfect plans and timing on His hands, but if we don't wake up both things will just pass us by. It's not unusual to find on the Bible warnings against laziness. If there's a villain keeping us from God's blessings, many times laziness is it. It's up to us to decide how to deal with:

• Laziness
• Sadness
• Disappointments
• Betrayals
• Lies

Wake up. You don't want to keep God waiting. 

It's time we say enough for all the issues that hold us in bed, it's not time to look for what stop us, but to decide what we want for our lives: a lazy and faulty way or the narrow and difficult but rewarding way God has in store for us. (Nobody said it was easy...)

WAKE UP! JOY IS HERE! WAKE UP - it's what your God is telling you today.

God bless you,